Fluoride Removal on LPG & Alkylate Adsorbents Organic fluorides and hydrogen fluoride (HF) removal

AxTrap™ 600 series are promoted or activated alumina especially designed for the selective removal of HF and fluorinated hydrocarbons from HF alkylation plant streams. It acts by decomposing organic fluorides to HF which will then chemically reacts with its surface, yielding water and aluminum fluoride, a stable compound on the alumina surface.


In an Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) Alkylation unit (see figure), purified light olefins (C3 and C4) from an FCC unit are combined with isobutene to generate alkylate, a high octane product that can be blended into the gasoline pool.

As this refining process uses Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) as a catalyst, the effluent streams, mainly propane, isobutane and alkylate, will contain HF and some organic fluorides. These fluoride compounds must be removed to prevent corrosion of downstream equipment and to meet an adequate fluoride specification.

The adsorbents from AxTrap™ 600 series benefits from years of Axens’ experience on fluoride removal, feedback from clients and a continuous effort in product R&D.

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