Gas Sweetening

Contaminants like CO₂, H₂S, Mercaptans and COS are often found in natural gas. The removal of these impurities is critical not only because they are responsible for toxicity, corrosion, and freezing issues, but also in order to meet transport, sales gas and liquefaction specifications and comply with environmental regulations.

Gas sweetening

Axens Offer

Axens’ gas sweetening technologies rely on a unique and long-term cooperation between a recognized licensor, Axens; an innovative R&D center, IFP Energies Nouvelles; and TOTAL, a world-leading operator with more than 60 years of gas sweetening experience.

Axens’ portfolio through HySWEET™ and AdvAmine™ processes provides tailor-made solutions for the removal of natural gas contaminants, meeting the strictest environmental regulations and market specifications while minimizing capital expenditure and operating costs.

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Middle East Sulphur Conference 2022 (MESCON)

Middle East Sulphur Conference (MEScon), which will take place at the Rosewood Abu Dhabi from 24-26 May 2022, is positioned at an ideal time to provide a forum to share knowledge and resources in support of continual improvements in HSE, reliability, efficiency and general best practices for the sulphur and sour gas industry.

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