C₄ Upgrading by Heterogeneous Oligomerization Conversion of light olefins into gasoline and middle distillates

Oligomerization technologies transform olefins contained in light cracked cuts into heavier C₆+ olefins.

The olefin fractions obtained can be used as high-octane blending stocks for the gasoline pool and as high smoke point blending stocks for kerosene, jet fuel and diesel fractions. The adjustable product pattern ranges from 100% gasoline to 70% middle distillates. Feedstock choices include propylene and mixed-butenes fractions present in C₃ and C₄ cuts from cracking processes such as FCC or Steam Cracking and Coker.

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San Francisco - UTC-7
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ABLC 2021

Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC) is a connected series of 6 conferences and 16 events in total on the most important issues in the Bioeconomy right now. The topic of the conferences ranges from advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals, advanced agriculture, advanced nutrition, sustainable aviation fuels, and advanced biogas.


David Schwalje
Emerging Market Development Axens Americas

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