Total Hydrogenation

Total hydrogenation aims in optimizing the co-cracking of various streams that are worth being sent back as feedstock to the cracker furnaces. Alternatively, it can also aim in producing cuts that can be used as LPG.

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Axens Offer

Axens can offer all kind of configurations for either single or mixed cuts, such as:

  • C3 Total Hydrogenation
  • C4 Total Hydrogenation
  • C4-C5 Total hydrogenation

Through total hydrogenation, the characteristics of the cut for co-cracking are optimized towards better ethylene yield, lower coking of the cracking furnaces as a result of the full elimination of diolefins.

To date, when butadiene is extracted, relying on the raffinate’s total hydrogenation is an excellent way to further improve the co-cracking feed quality. It can also be an option of choice when the amount of crude C4 is too small to make the implementation of a butadiene extraction economically interesting.

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Green Hydrogen Summit

GHSO 2023 is the largest Green Hydrogen event in the MENA region. Global decision makers in policy, finance, tech and industry will come together for discussions geared towards driving economies of the future and advancing energy solutions that can sustainably meet the energy demands of our growing population.

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