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CSM 31

  • Description: Claus Catalysts - Claus reaction & Carsul management 
  • Characteristics:Proprietary, AI2O3
  • Shape:Spheres


Superior advanced promoted alumina beads used in dual bed with CRS 31 Catalyst to avoid carsul poisoning.

  • CSM 31 loaded in first or second converter (50 % of the total catalytic volume) protects very efficiently the titania based Claus catalysts against CarSul poisoning due to the presence in the H2S stream of BTX compounds.
  • CSM 31 acts as superior advanced Claus catalyst and CarSul Management catalyst. Consequently CSM 31 ensures much higher conversion and longer life time of the dual catalytic bed.

               -  High catalytic conversion at low contact time
               -  Low pressure drop
               -  Longer life time.



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