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SiTrap ACT 971

  • Description:Active Grading - Metal (Silica) Trap®
  • Characteristics:NiMo, Al2O3
  • Shape:Trilobe Extrudates

Thanks to its unique properties, silicones are used from Upstream to Downstream. In Upstream their properties make them suitable for use as drilling fluids, flow improvers whereas in refining, silicones are used as antifoaming agents in delayed cokers, solvent deaslphalting units, solvent extraction units but also as additives in lubricants.

The benefits of silicones end at the Hydrotreater battery limit. Silicon is a well known widespread poison for Hydroprocessing catalysts.

Axens has recently developped a new series of Silicon trap® material (ACT 971, ACT 981 and ACT 991). The surface area and the texture of the supports as well as the formulation have been optmized to maximize the silicon removal and retention whitout compromising the catalyst Hydrotreating activity.

ACT 971 exhibits the highest Silicon retention. ACT 971 is mainly used in Diesel application and in combination with ACT 981 for Naphtha services.

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