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ACT 945

  • Description:Active Grading - Diolefins and Olefins saturation. Gums and polymer formation control
  • Characteristics:NiMo, Al2O3
  • Shape:Spheres

ACT 945 is used as top bed grading material upstream the main catalytic bed in the hydrotreatment of hydrocarbon cuts including naphtha, gasoil or vacuum gasoil.

ACT 945 acts as an hydrotreatment catalyst and its main purpose is to remove organic iron and organo metallic complexes that could be present in the feed. Its selected carrier, highly porous alumina, provides a very efficient trapping of metals, carbon particles and pollutants of the feed.

ACT 945 can be used in combination with CoMo or NiMo catalysts. The bead shape makes it easy to handle. Its size allow to create a gradient of particle size at the top of the reactor. The attrition resistance is particularly high.

ACT 945 is available under oxide form and has to be sulfided to be active.

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ACT 945 - Technical Data Sheet cadenas