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CRS 31

  • Description:Claus catalysts - Claus Reaction & COS/CS2 hydrolysis
  • Characteristics:TiO2
  • Shape:Cylindrical Extrudates

New generation very high performance Claus catalyst based on promoted TiO2·

  • Very High Performance Claus catalyst
               - Suitable for all converters
               - Recommended for all H2S concentrations as well as for:
                                   - Direct oxidation
                                   - Lean gas treatment
                                   - TGT process.
  • Specially designed to provide:

               - Claus conversion near thermodynamic equilibrium
               - Very high hydrolysis activity for COS and CS2 in the first converter
               - Total resistance to sulfation in second and third converters
               - High hydrothermal stability, even after temperature upsets up to 800°C
               - Very long service life

  • Industrial references all over the world.

CRS 31 TL provides higher performances as those of the world‘s leading high performance SRU catalyst CRS 31 with a lower inventory.


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