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ExxonMobil’s XyMaxsm technology for EB dealkylation type xylene isomerization is exclusively available through the ParamaX Alliance for grassroot applications. The earlier generation MHAI and Advanced MHAI technologies have a well established reputation worldwide. ExxonMobil continues the push toward higher EB conversion, while further reducing xylene losses by bringing a new generation catalyst to the market place: the EM-4500 catalyst features a level of performance that will re-enforce the existing strong worldwide market position.
The process is distinguished by a unique dual-bed catalyst system. EB dealkylation to benzene and non-aromatics cracking occur in the first bed, while the near-equilibrium isomerization of xylenes takes place in the second bed.

XyMaxsm using EM-4500 catalyst exhibits some key performance enhancements compared to previous generation catalysts.

  • Selectivity is further improved, and compared to Advanced MHAI, EM-4500 features a further 50% reduction in xylenes losses. PX approach to equilibrium remains in the range of 100%, and the selectivity of EB dealkylation to Benzene has been improved. per pass is achieved without detrimental effect on the catalyst cycle length. Based on the aging rate observed so far at the Jurong facility, EM-4500 is expected to exceed a five-year first cycle. is one of the trademarks of the ExxonMobil technologies, and EM-4500 maintains the high space velocity standard.
  • Higher EB conversion
  • High space velocity
  • Reduced H2/HC requirement for EM-4500, resulting in further savings in investment and operating costs



Eluxyl® process is part of the Paramax® suite of aromatics technologies



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