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New sulfur and olefins specifications makes TAME/TAEE particularly useful currently, as they allow the compensation of the octane loss where deep FCC gasoline Desulfurization units (Axens Solutions’ Prime G+ Technology) are required.

The function of the TAME/TAEE unit is to selectively transform reactive isoamylenes (2 Methyl-1-Butene and 2 Methyl-2-Butene) from the C5 cut into Tertiary-Amyl-Methyl-Ether or Tertiary-Amyl-Ethyl-Ether (TAME/TAEE) and tertiary branched C6+ olefins into corresponding C6 ethers by etherification with methanol/ethanol in order to produce light gasoline with a high octane number while decreasing olefin content and improving vapor pressure of the gasoline pool.

Axens Solutions TAME/TAEE technologies rely on in-depth expertise to provide the most appropriate solution based on simple and robust designs with the following main features:

  • Highly reactive isoamylenes conversion
  • Use of non proprietary catalyst (i.e. inexpensive and readily available from several suppliers).
  • Easy catalyst loading and unloading
  • Low investment cost and utilities consumption
  • Possibility of staged investment
  • Mild operating conditions

Axens Solutions TAME/TAEE process ideally complements Prime-G+TM technology. In addition to a high sulfur and diolefins reduction through the Prime-G+ first step, a gain in isoamylenes content is expected due to isomerization reactions. By processing the light cracked naphtha cut from the Prime-G+ first step instead of the C5 cut, it is also possible to further increase the ether production.
The Prime-G+ first step is an optimum etherification feed preparation

When used in association with Iso-5 (for Skeletal Isomerization), TAME/ TAEE permits a significant increase of ether production by further isomerization of linear C5 olefins into branched and reactive C5 olefins . This technology has been successfully proven since 2003.

No regrets investment, in case of an ether ban in the gasoline pool TAME/TAEE plants can be retrofitted into OATSTM unit for oligomerization or desulfurization objectives.

The breadth and depth of Axens Solutions’ portfolio makes it the leader in reformulated gasoline technology.

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