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Visbreaking Process

Axens Visbreaking Technology is a commercially proven process with over 25 commercial references. It consists of mild thermal cracking applied to residues (Visbreaking mode (VB)) or heavy VGO or DAO (Thermal Cracking mode (TC)).

The objective is to reduce the feed viscosity for stable fuel oil usage, and produce the maximum quantity of cracked distillates. Axens soaker visbreaking technology displays several advantages over ‘standard’ visbreakers; the principal being that it delivers higher-value products. They are all oriented towards higher economics.

The technology may be applied to:

  • Atmospheric or Vacuum Residues (VB mode): to achieve a maximum amount of gasoline and middle distillates, while respecting stringent viscosity and stability specifications for the residual fuel oil.
  • Vacuum Residues (VB mode): to drastically reduce viscosity in order to obtain commercial fuel oils, with the addition of a light diluent if necessary.
  • Vacuum Gas-oils (TC mode with or without recycle): to maximize gasoline and middle distillates, while minimizing the production of residual fuel oil. This process can be designed in once-through mode or in recycle mode with conversion levels exceeding 80wt%.

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