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AdvAmine™ is a complete portfolio of amine based processes developed by TOTAL and IFPEN with more than 50 years of operational experience. AdvAmine™ large set of process solutions, based on widely available open market chemicals, can treat any type of natural gas sour effluent and achieve the most severe specifications.

Process Principle

  • HiLoadDEA: Total acid gases removal from all sour gases
  • MDEAmax: Selective H2S removal with CO2 slippage from sour gas or separated acid gas (acid gas enrichment, sulphur plant tail gas treatment)
  • energizedMDEA: Total H2S removal and controlled CO2 removal for all applications including lng


Process Scheme


A Technology developed by an operator for those who operate

  • More than 200 units under license (among which about 1/5 operated by TOTAL)
  • Experience since 1957
  • Implemented in 25 countries
  • Single train capacity from 5.6 up to 1,320 MMSCFD
  • More than 65,000 MMSCFD total aggregate gas treated worldwide

Key Benefits

  • Efficient and reliable amine sweetening processes
  • Can treat any sour gas composition
  • Achieves the most severe specifications
  • Tailor made solvent composition adapted to each specific case
  • Open Market Chemicals:
    • Multiple suppliers
    • Reduced solvent costs
  • High amine loading experience allows compact design even for highly sour gases
  • Extensive operational knowledge
  • Flexible custom made designs with a wide range of solvents and process configurations for all kind of applications

AdvAmine™ is a trademark for the technologies owned by TOTAL, now developed with IFP Energies nouvelles and marketed by Axens Solutions under license.

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