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Thermal Fluidized Cracking

FLEXICOKING™ Ultimate conversion Technology 


Flexicoking™ is a unique technology upgrading heavy feedstock residues into high-value liquid products and clean flexigas that can be used as refinery fuel or for power generation.  

Axens and ExxonMobil signed an Alliance Agreement to provide FLEXICOKING™ Technology and integrated resid conversion solution on December 2019. This Alliance combines ExxonMobil successful owner-operator experience with Axens’ complete portfolio of technologies to provide smart, commercially demonstrated expertise to help meet refineries’ needs. 

Flexicoking™ is a continuous fluidized bed process that thermally converts heavy feeds to lighter products and high-quality utilities through clean flexigas production. Process heat for the thermal conversion and gasification step is provided by partial oxidation of coke. 

The process consists of three main vessels, as shown on the figure 1 below: coking reactorreaction heater and coke gasifier.  

To know more about the process, please download the Commercial Bulletin below. 


Figure 1 - Simplified Scheme of FLEXICOKING™ 


Depending on feed characteristics, refinery scheme, and product yields targeted by refineries, the Flexicoking™ unit can be installed as a stand-alone solution, or in a tailor-made combination with other residue upgrading technologies like H-Oil® offered by Axens, the market leader in the field of residue conversion and hydrotreating technologies and catalysts.

The first Flexicoking™ unit started operations in 1976. Today, Flexicoking™ technology is well established with 13 units licensed worldwide, of which 7 are operating and 6 in design or construction phase, having an overall capacity of 25 Mtpy. Axens and ExxonMobil are proud to announce the repeated order from Hengyi Brunei following recent successful start-up in 2019. 


Value comes from the Bottom Up

Find the right process units combination through Bottom-of-the-Barrel upgrading, click on the image to download our dedicated Infographic:

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Infographic - Value comes from the Bottom Up

Commercial Bulletin - FLEXICOKING™ Ultimate conversion Technology cadenas