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Specific consulting services

Site location studies

Site selection is based on a multi-criteria analysis that starts with identifying the requirements that influence the location of the new plant, followed by an assessment of the surroundings’ physical, biological and socioeconomic impacts on the project. The client receives a ranking of possible sites with appropriate justifications.

Feedstock and product market analyses

Axens Horizon has extensive knowledge of the crude oil, petroleum product and petrochemical markets. Its economists can provide customized market surveys for clients and valuable information, such as future product specifications, core product markets and export opportunities, for optimizing their assets.

Crude opportunity studies

Performance Programs (P2) has access to a large crude assay database covering all the crude supply markets. This database, when combined with expertise in oil markets and refining and petrochemical technologies, enables P2 to provide Axens Horizon’s clients with a multicriteria feedstock selection study. From these analyses, an optimum crude slate based on all the current or future refinery characteristics can be identified.

Petroleum terminal studies

Aside from the tank farms that are part of refinery construction projects, Performance Programs (P2) can design standalone petroleum terminals for crude oil and final products, either for regional consumption, trading or strategic purposes.

Preliminary environmental impact and hazard assessments

To cover all aspects of a project in the initial stages, Performance Programs (P2) produces, within the framework of the feasibility and concept studies, review and analysis of the projected plant’s potential safety and environmental risks, for example, hydrocarbon leaks, noxious gases and hazardous products.

The main issues addressed during the pre-EIA and pre-HA are

  • preliminary evaluation, overall analysis and cartography of impacts
  • potential technologies and actions to avoid or mitigate the negative impacts of the project on the surroundings

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