Have completed energy efficiency projects delivered expected energy and CO2 savings?

First published in PTQ Q2 2022

Romain Roux, Decarbonization & Consulting Vice President, Axens

In the frame of energy efficiency studies performed by Axens Horizon, we have frequent feedback on the results of implemented energy efficiency solutions, especially for quick wins and budget-friendly solutions.

Results are as expected within a margin of accuracy that depends on the accuracy of the basic data.

Some solutions we would like to highlight include:

  • Low Capex projects for optimisation of complex heat exchange networks by re-routing of streams
  • Optimisation of distillation column operating conditions
  • Upgrade of heaters fuel/air control system
  • Implementation of air preheaters in furnaces

Among the solutions creating a higher return on investment, we got several opportunities to switch two heat exchangers within a heat exchange network (CDU, coker, visbreaker). The two heat exchangers were identified thanks to Pinch analysis developed explicitly for revamping applications.