Gevo Selects Polynaphtha™ Technology and Engineering from Axens

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Gevo Selects Polynaphtha™ Technology and Engineering from Axens for its Net-Zero 1 Project in South Dakota for Renewable Gasoline and Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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Axens today announces that Gevo, Inc. selected its Polynaphtha™ oligomerization technology for its Net-Zero 1 project in Preston, South Dakota. Axens scope will include technology license, basic engineering, and catalyst supply for the conversion of renewable olefins into a flexible slate of renewable gasoline and jet fuel.

As we look to build our Net-Zero 1 project in South Dakota, we chose to work with Axens because of their commercial engineering, project execution, and plant support track record, based on 24 heterogeneous oligomerization references. Axens has done a great job of adapting its technology to meet our special needs to produce drop-in jet fuel and gasoline hydrocarbons from isobutanol, a process-chain we’ve been successfully running at South Hampton Resources for the past 10 years. We expect that the experience of Axens should help to ensure the successful deployment, start-up, and operation of the hydrocarbon part of our Net-Zero 1 plant.
Chris Ryan
President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Gevo
This project represents yet another example of Axens applying its flexible technologies to the developing low-carbon fuels market. We congratulate the Gevo team on this significant milestone and are pleased to renew Axens commitment throughout the final stages of project execution, start-up, and operation.
Romain Lemoine
VP of Process Licensing, Axens Americas

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