Reforming Catalysts Symphony® - Highest Performance Reforming Catalysts Family

Although Catalytic Reforming technologies have advanced considerably over the last few decades, even the smallest improvements in catalyst selectivity, activity and stability have significant impact on refinery economics.

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Reforming catalysts

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With over 170 commercial references, the Symphony® catalysts offers advantages, such as improved specific surface area retention.



Higher specific surface area is associated with improved regeneration (Pt re-dispersion) and better chloride retention. Consequently, the new catalysts exhibit longer catalyst life, reduced salt deposits in downstream units and lower chloride content in the hydrogen rich gas, resulting in longer chloride trap life, and lower green oil formation.


Axens CCR Reforming Catalysts

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Axens CCR Reforming Catalysts



Axens Fixed Bed Reforming Catalysts 

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Axens Fixed Bed Reforming Catalysts


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