Catalytic Cracking

For expanded product flexibility, the FCC unit can be integrated with upstream units such as Mild Hydrocracking to balance the gasoline and distillate products, or downstream units such as Polynaphtha in order to offer higher flexibility toward targeted products (Gasoline, Diesel or Propylene).

Tech Service

Axens Offer

Axens offers state-of-the-art FCC technology for traditional gas oil cracking and residue cracking. This advanced technology has been brought to market through the efforts of a partnership between Axens (technology developer and licensor), IFP Energies nouvelles (R&D), Total (operations expertise) and TechnipFMC (engineering innovation).

These units have achieved more than 200 years of proven commercial operation in processing over 2 million BPD of feedstocks ranging from gas oils to heavy residues.

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