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Rewind™ Solutions

Rewind™ Mix, the Purification solution 

Thanks to Rewind™ Mix, downstream operators will be able to incorporate pyrolysis oil from plastic recycling in petrochemical complexes by removal of impurities such as Silicon, Chlorine, Diolefins...  

  • One single solution to clean any plastic pyrolysis oil 
  • Purification of Naphtha and Distillate to reach Steam Cracking Specifications 
  • Fully integrated solution with existing petrochemical plants (utilities, hydrogen...) 
  • Rely on proven technologies with industrial ready catalysts 


Rewind™ PET, the PET Glycolysis technology

Rewind™ PET is an innovative PET recycling process for different types of waste PET, colored bottles, opaque containers and multi-layer trays, targeting also textile and films, into purified monomer. The technology is the result of the partnership between JEPLAN, a disruptive start-up in circular economy, IFPEN, a recognized R&D center and Axens as a licensor & engineering company.  

Several benefits can be noted, such as:


Find out more by watching a replay of our Webinar Axens Solutions to Unlock Low-Carbon Plastics and Circular Economy



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