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Air Preheaters

Axens Horizon is a world leader in the supply of fired equipment and their accessories for the refining, petrochemical and syngas markets.

Clear Channel Technology

To increase the thermal efficiency of the process, Axens  Horizon developed a very robust and cost-effective plate heat    exchanger that can be adjusted to every needs. Utilizing Clear  Channel Technology, the heat exchanger has a low fouling tendency  and can use internal cleaning mechanisms for online and offline  cleaning.


Axens Air Preheaters Technology (APH) 

APH stands for Air PreHeater. This is one of the means to improve the fuel efficiency not only of fired heaters and Steam Methane Reformers, but also any combustion equipment.

Axens Horizon has today a High Efficient, Cost Effective and Easy to Clean, Low Fouling Heat Exchanger. In order to overcome condensation and corrosion issues, Axens Horizon is also designing, fabricating and delivering tubular exchangers using heating mediums such as steam, water, glycol, oil, etc.

These coils can be easily integrated with the plate exchanger using a single source supplier. The pre-preheaters can be made of bare tubes or any extended surfaces such as G-fin (embedded), solid welded and serrated fins.

 Industries served

✓ PetrochemicaL 

Air preheaters for fired heaters 

✓  Syngas

Air preheaters for ammonia, hydrogen, methanol and syngas plants


Gas to gas exchangers

✓ Cement industry Air coolers/Clinker cooler 
✓ Steel plants DRI/Blast furnace ovens 
✓ power INDUSTRY Air preheaters/Fluegas coolers




  • High efficiency
  • Optimized ROI 
  • Easy to clean low fouling heat exchangers
  • All types of industrial applications from the experts in furnaces and reformers


 Cost Evaluation

Axens Horizon can assist in cost evaluation of the heat recovery system while designing the heat exchanger to find the optimum for the operators. The optimum will be considered taking into account whether condensation is advisable or not, metallurgy and effectiveness of the system.


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