Isomerization Catalysts High iC4/nC4 equilibrium and High octane C5/C6 cuts via isomerization processes

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Drying Series Adsorbents

Water removal applications are widely encountered in the industry sector. Activated alumina and molecular sieves stand at the forefront of the several different materials available on the market.


Chloride Removal Adsorbents

Chloride is important in both catalytic reforming and isomerization as it helps to maintain catalytic activity over time. However, as chloride is continuously fed into these units, it also has to exit.


Sulfur Removal Adsorbents for Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), COS, mercaptans or sulfides are common contaminants that must be removed from various gases and liquids such as natural gas, NGLs, LPGs, cracked gases, olefins or biogas.


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