CO₂ Gas Drying

The dehydration of CO₂ streams presents specificities such as corrosiveness, acid gases co-absorption and TEG recovery. Consequently, for decades, it has been seen as a challenge for the operators. This stands true in various industries and particularly in the oil&gas sector, whether on highly sour natural gases or on pure CO₂ streams for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) purpose.

CO₂ Gas Drying process has seen a renewed interest in the current context and development of the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) industry.


Axens Offer

Thanks to Axens’ long-standing experience in the field of gas dehydration, industrial references on CO2 drying and ability to offer both TEG and Adsorbent solutions, Axens has an unique position on the market to provide clients with the most cost-effective and fit-on-purpose solutions.

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Nanterre, Paris - CET
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GPA Europe Annual Conference 2022

A conference and networking event organized by GPA Europe and hosted by TechnipEnergies, organized for the European Gas Processing Industry.


Piero Loliva
Technologist, Low Carbon Solutions & Gas
Carmella Alfano
Lead Technologist, Low Carbon Solutions & Gas
Francois-Xavier Chiron
Principal Technologist, Low Carbon Solutions and Gas
Clément Salais
Low Carbon Solutions Product Line Manager

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