Diesel Hydrotreating

Refiners are facing the challenge to process increasingly more difficult feeds, with higher cracked stock fractions, and low-cost feedstocks from opportunity crude such as tight oil or condensates.

As refineries in almost all regions of the world progressively comply to Euro V norms, diesel hydrotreaters have to be operated under more severe conditions. To address the refiners’ needs and constraints to operate under these conditions, advanced catalysts systems and advanced design features are required

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Axens Offer

To keep pace with these challenges, Axens continuously develops their Prime-D™ offer, a full set of commercially proven technologies covering all objectives, ensuring minimum investment and operating costs, for maximum reliability and performances:

  • Prime-D™ spans over 60 years
  • Over 270 licensed units around the world
  • Over 500 catalyst references around the world.
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