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A promising route to recycle mixed plastics is thermal pyrolysis but the pyrolysis oils contain too many impurities to be sent directly to the Steam Cracker without significant risks.

Rewind® Mix is the unique solution to purify pyrolysis oils and meet stringent Steam Cracker specifications avoiding abnormal turndown or catalyst deactivation.

Thanks to the partnership with Plastic Energy, Axens can also propose and license the TAC process.

Rewind® Mix

Suitable for a wide range of plastic pyrolysis oils

Pyrolysis plants will preferably be located near the feedstocks resources, treating local feedstocks with different quality and composition, using different type of technology. Pyrolysis oils to be treated in the steam cracker will therefore have a versatile composition. With the perspective to provide a robust solution, Rewind® Mix has been developed to be flexible enough to handle with feed composition diversity.

To do so, Axens has used its large experience in hydrocarbon purification and waste recycling to develop Rewind® PET. In addition, Axens has built a strong expertise in feedstock characterization using the most advanced analytic technics such as 2D-GC. Axens experts then have processed numerous representative pyrolysis oil from several suppliers in pilot units to assess performances of the process and catalyst, and carefully analyzed and qualified the purified oil produced.

Fully integrated solution

Rewind® Mix will generally be located in a petrochemical complex to benefit from its existing infrastructures (hydrogen, utilities...).

Therefore, and case by case, Axens is committed to study the feasibility of integration with existing units and/or revamp idle assets to minimize project costs but also to study greenfield project.

Rely on proven technologies

Rewind® Mix innovative patented scheme relies on the combination of technology bricks coming from Axens expertise and industrial experience from hydrocarbon purification.

Each technology brick used in the Rewind® Mix technology has already been fully demonstrated at industrial scale and uses industrial ready catalysts.

PET is widely used to produce plastic packaging. However, only around 20% of this material makes its way to recycling plants. The remaining part is either incinerated, disposed, landfilled or leaked into the oceans. Along with an increasing end-consumer pressure for recycling and upcoming European directive and new ratio targets, PET recycled demand is clearly outpacing availability.

Rewind® PET is one of the answer to the European directive and market pressure, converting any waste PET into food contact as virgin PET.

Axens Rewind PET

Feed versatility

Today, almost only part of the clear and light blue sorted PET is recycled back to packaging, while the colored, opaque and trays waste PET is valorized in non‐food packaging application.

Using eco-efficient glycolysis to depolymerize PET into its monomers and thanks to the proprietary purification section, RewindTM PET allows to upcycle any PET based material including transparent PET, colored PET, opaque PET, mono and multi-layer PET trays, PET fibers...

By proposing to unlock the current PET recycling solutions limitations, Rewind® PET is one of the answers to the European directive and market demand for food contact recycled plastic.

Food grade compatibility

Waste PET include any post consumer and post industrial waste PET from food packaging or other applications all colored, opaque bottles and trays that are currently not recycled back to the food packaging usage.

These waste PET can finally be integrated into a fully circular solution thanks to Rewind® PET by allowing their revalorization to high quality clear and food grade PET for packaging.

Eco-efficient solution

Life Cycle analysis is crucial for the deployment of recycling technologies, Axens has performed a LCA with a third party to compare the impact of producing 1 ton of virgin PET from fossil oil versus producing 1 ton of recycled PET using RewindTM PET.

Results show a significant positive impact on all the environment aspects we have studied, and in particular on CO2 emissions that is reduced by 50% for PET made from Rewind™ PET compared to fossil route.

10 years of experience

Rewind® PET is the result of a partnership with JEPLAN, a Japanese company that pioneered in PET chemical recycling by starting-up the first industrial unit in 2004 with a capacity of 22 kta.

Thanks to this collaboration, Rewind® PET is backed by more than 10 years of industrial experience.

Rewind PET

Rewind® PET - Commercial Bulletin

Rewind MIX

Rewind® Mix - Commercial Bulletin


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