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Fischer-Tropsch & Upgrading

The motor fuels sector faces a double challenge: provide an increasing quantity of ever-cleaner fuels and find sources that do not rely on crude oil. Our GaselTM Technology Suite answers this challenge through the conversion of synthesis gas (H2+CO) from various origins - natural gas, biomass, and coal - into ultra-clean liquid fuels (XTL).

The GaselTM Technology Suite comprises:

  • the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) conversion of syngas and,
  • the Fischer-Tropsch products upgrading process using hydrocracking and hydro- isomerization.

Axens Solutions provides Gasel process design and licensing, and manufactures the associated catalysts.

Around Gasel, Axens Horizon proposes various services such as consulting for market/feasibility studies, catalyst management (fresh and used), or operations support for plant start-up and follow-up assistance.


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Axens Horizon
Axens Horizon
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