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PolyFuel® Technology is derived from Axens Solutions' extensive industrial experience of converting low value LPG olefins into high quality car fuels by oligomerization (SelectopolTM and PolynaphthaTM processes). PolyFuel is an innovative technology aimed at maximizing the middle distillates production by converting light olefins from gasoline into distillate at minimum cost.

The full range C5-C9 olefinic cut produced downstream of the FCC can be accepted but the beneficits will be maximized using C5-C6 olefinic cut downstream of the Prime-G+ first step process commercialized by Axens Solutions for selective hydrogenation of FCC gasoline. For maximizing the refinery profitability feedstock can also be included, in mixture with C5-C6 cut, olefinic LPG from FCC or from any external sources.

PolyFuel technology’s objective is to tackle unbalanced gasoline/middle distillates slates while reaching tighter products requirements.

With the objective to produce high quality jet fuel, the PolyFuel process uses the high activity and high stability IP 811 catalyst , that can be operated at high severity to maximize the middle distillate fraction.

Besides the standard standalone version, PolyFuel can be used within the FlexEneTM concept which enables to improve product flexibility toward propylene, or middle distillates by recycling the low valuable oligomers and further cracking to the FCC.

The combination of proven catalyst and optimized design s in a patented configuration, makes PolyFuel the candidate of choice to address a clear market demand towards middle distillates.

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