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Mercaptans are acidic sulfur compounds which are naturally present in crude oil. Moreover, a large amount of mercaptans results from the decomposition of other sulfur compounds during crude distillation and cracking operations.

Mercaptans are undesirable for the two following reasons:

  • In order to respect EuroV specification, mercaptans quantities shall be limited.
  • Mercaptans are acidic corrosive compounds which have to be neutralized to protect engines.

Sweetn’G Axens unit is an intermediate solution between Sulfrex and Sweetn'K technologies. As a result, the unit scheme is adapted for each client and associated objectives. The sweetening process will selectively convert the acidic mercaptans sulfur compounds to neutral disulfides in order to pass the copper strip, doctor test and will help to make the gasoline blend. Heavy sulfur molecules like Thiophenes cannot be efficiently removed or transformed by caustic. As a consequence, light naphthas (from FCCU, H-Oil etc...) are usual feedsotcks for a Sweetn'G process.

Sweetn'G takes combine advantages of Sulfrex and Sweetn'K technologies thanks to an optimized caustic management and without mandatory proprietary equipment. This results in a lower initial investment as well as low operating cost.

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