Lube Plant

Lube oils are vital to the operation of mechanical devices, explaining the continued growth in world demand. Lube base oils make-up 85 to 95% of lube oils and the remaining 5 to 15% are additives used to meet requirements for viscosity, stability and cold start properties. Lube oils face a growing and changing market. World lube base oil demand is shifting from Group I to Groups II and III as environmental and performance specifications become more and more restrictive.

Production routes

Axens Offer

Axens’ large technology portfolio includes all the processing steps to produce Group III lube base oils from Vacuum Gasoil (VGO) or Deasphalted Oil (DAO) feedstocks. For this purpose, a combination of hydrocracking (HyK™) and hydrodewaxing (HyDeWax™) technologies is the best choice.

Besides base lube oil technologies, Axens also offers wax hydrotreatment, white oils hydrotreatment technologies allowing our customer to produce different special oils including:

  • Feed-grade wax
  • Technical grade white oils
  • Medical white oils

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