VGO Hydrotreating – Mild Hydrocracking

VGO hydrotreating applies to different feeds, coming either directly from the vacuum distillation or from conversion processes (visbreaking, coking,...). The main goal is to prepare adequate feeds for further conversion units, generally fluidized catalytic crackers (FCC) or hydrocracking, mainly by reducing sulfur and nitrogen contents.

The market changes affect refinery configurations. Mild hydrocracking technology allows refiners to convert 20-60% of the VGO feeds, produce high quality cat cracker feedstocks along with a certain quantity of middle distillates.

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Axens VGO hydrotreating and Mild hydrocracking technologies are well established with over 60 units licensed worldwide.

VGO hydrotreating provides some remarkable improvements in FCC operations thanks to hydrogen addition in hydrotreated VGO. Mild hydrocracking increases the VGO conversion to 20%-60% and produce middle distillates along with hydrotreated VGO. VGO hydrotreating and Mild hydrocracking units are operated under relatively mild conditions and producing naphtha, diesel as well as VGO feed to downstream cracking unit.

Depending on unit severity, the diesel cut may require further hydrotreatment. Due to its aromatics and organic-nitrogen contents, it is more refractory to additional hydrotreating than straight-run diesel. This has led to the commercialization of the HyC-10 process, which meets the ULSD challenge.

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