Bio Olefins

The chemical industry needs to address challenges related to circular economy and society growing demand for more sustainable products and lower industrial carbon footprint.

Bio-based chemicals open the door to green value chains for chemicals and polymers with high attractiveness that can certainly help overcome these challenges. In this realm, Axens provides technologies to convert renewable alcohols into olefins, which are a key compound for the chemical industry.

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Reims, France - CET
3 days


BIOKET 2024 takes place in Reims, France, on the 19 to 21 March 2024, will be dedicated to processes, innovation and technologies applied to biomass. This conference will be the fifth edition of BIOKET and brings more innovation, technology and sustainability to boost new businesses around the biomass valorization into high added value products.


Emilia Knospe
Technologist, Renewables Product Line

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