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Lube Oils

Lubricating oils are usually formulated by blending appropriate quality Base lube oils and various additives. Base Lube Oils stocks of petroleum origin continue to constitute the major part of today’s lubricating oil for automotive applications.

Axens Solutions offers an extensive line of technologies to enable the production of Base Lube Oils, ranging from the lighter Spindle Oils to the heavier Bright Stock, and meeting the API specifications for Group I to Group III.

Axens Solutions portfolio of technologies includes: hydrocracking, Hydrorefining and Propane Deasphalting of heavy fractions and Lubes Hydrofinishing. In certain applications, White oils and Wax Hydrotreating technologies can be used for Medicinal White Oils and food-grade Wax production.

As part of its efforts towards Sustainable Development, Axens Solutions has developed the Revivoil process for retreating used oils.