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With more than 60 references to date, Drizo® has proved to be the best available glycol dehydration process. This is not only because of its higher dehydration efficiency, but Drizo® is also an environmentally friendly process with minimized BTEX / CO2 emissions. Thanks to the minimal number of additional equipments specifically required by Drizo® compared to conventional glycol units, the process has easily been implemented on existing glycol units, at minimal cost and with no shutdown time.

Process Principle

Drizo® regenerates the glycol by solvent stripping instead of the conventional gas stripping. Solvent stripping allows to obtain much higher glycol purities than gas stripping (up to 99.998 wt% instead of the typical 99.95 wt%) and consequently allows to get much larger water dew point depressions: up to 100°C (180°F) and even higher in some cases. The solvent required by the Drizo® process is usually obtained from the BTEX present in the natural gas itself and in most cases, the process will even produce some liquid hydrocarbons. Glycol solvent stripping by condensates (instead of conventional gas stripping) allows:

  • Higher glycol purities down to < 1 ppmv H2O in treated gas
  • Reduced BTEX / CO2 emissions
  • Possible recovery of liquid aromatics
  • Drizo® solvent is not a solvent, it is a hydrocarbon recovered from feed gas

Process Scheme



Key Benefits

  • A proven technology, with more than 60 references
  • A process easy to operate and offering high flexibility
  • The cheapest technology for very low water dew points.
  • Dew point depressions to -110°C / -200°F
  • Suitable to retrofit conventional glycol regeneration unit at minimal CAPEX
  • Below ppm gas dehydration performance
  • Environmentally friendly installations, with reduced BTEX / CO2 emissions and liquid aromatics recovery

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Case Study - Drizo® revamping of offshore TEG unit improves NGL recovery

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