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Ifpexol™ is a patented technology of simultaneous dehydration and hydrocarbon dew point control. Methanol is regenerated from the cold decanted water by stripping.

Process Principle

Methanol is used as hydrate inhibitor in a cold process for NGL extraction. The mixture of methanol and water recovered at the low temperature separator is regenerated by simple stripping with a fraction of the feed gas and pure water is produced.

Process Scheme


  • Over 99.9 % stripping effectiveness with raw gases at pressures as high as 100 bar.
  • Water dew point as low as -80°C.
  • Adequate mass transfer contact between methanol-water liquid stream and stripping vapor stream.
  • No hydrate formation or icing concerns (Methanol is recirculated as a hydrate inhibitor and antifreeze agent)

Key benefits

  • Minimized CAPEX if cold process is available
  • MeOH recovery from NGL’s by water wash (optional)
  • 16 industrial references with capacities up to 350 MMSCFD
  • No venting
  • No need for external heat
  • No dangerous waste streams

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