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Water absorption with TriEthylene Glycol (TEG) is a very well known and proven technology. It is the most common process used for gas dehydration. Axens Solutions has supplied about 150 TEG units during the last 35 years.

Process Principle

The water contained in the gas to be treated is absorbed counter-currently by lean TEG in a gas/glycol contactor. At the bottom of the contactor, the rich TEG (containing the absorbed water) is sent to the regeneration section where water is vaporized in a Reboiler at low pressure (close to atmopheric pressure). Depending on the requested lean TEG purity, the lean TEG produced in the reboiler can be either :

  • Pumped directly to the gas/glycol contactor (low TEG purity required)
  • Stripped with stripping gas before being pumped to the gas/glycol contactor (high TEG purity required)

Industrial Experience

Three TEG units - 3 x 300 MMSCFD - UAE


Key Benefits

  • A very well known and proven technology : tens of thousands units in operation in the world
  • A process easy to operate and offering high flexibility
  • The cheapest technology for water removal
  • Complete assembly of the package in a workshop
  • Our TEG units can be fully custom made to fit with our customers specifications and requirements

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