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In the light of a strong demand, operators have to overcome complex challenges such as the evolution of governmental legislations, stricter gas transport specifications, lower levels of impurities and emissions, and associated operational issues.


Comprehensive and Integrated Solutions

Axens offers solutions to overcome these challenges while maintaining the lowest levels of CAPEX and OPEX to increase added value for the operators. To that end, Axens provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to support operators’ projects, big or small, and for all main processing areas, from wellheads to export pipelines or liquefaction unit inlets. 

By merging Axens products portfolio with natural gas treatment technologies, legacy of Prosernat, Axens is ideally positioned to provide all the treatment, purification and drying technologies needed for the production of purified natural gas in onshore and offshore conditions, including the tightest ones required for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industries.

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - UTC+4
3 days


MEScon, takes place in United Arab Emirates, from 20 to 23 May2024 and is devoted to networking, thought leadership, innovation and best practice operations across the entire sour gas and sulphur value chain. With the region’s prominence in the global sulphur industry, MEScon is the place where the sulphur and sour gas community meet to discuss and debate the key strategic themes that are driving the industry.


Johann Le-Touze
Lead Technology Engineer, Technology & Technical Support Business Division Low Carbon Solutions and Gas

Consulting, Supply & Support


Axens offers a customized approach, including tailored studies, audits and consulting services, covering technical and operational challenges.


Unit Revamps & Retrofits

You face many challenges, which include operating in a safe, reliable and environmentally sound manner while responding to changing markets dynamics.


Environmental Systems & Services

Energy efficiency awareness can lead to tremendous economic and environmental benefits. Expert studies show that there is still vast untapped energy efficiency potential of up to 25% of heavy industry in Europe alone.


Advanced Software & Digital Applications

Innovative approach leveraging digital solutions leading to improved asset operation and performance.


Equipment Supply

During decades of technology developments, Axens has acquired a deep expertise in mechanical design, instrumentation, automation to provide more innovation and benefits to its customers. Synergies between process and equipment maximize performance and long-term reliability.


Technical Support & Performance Management

Axens is fully committed to be your partner and provide assistance and support during your project lifecycle, from conception to start-up & running operations.


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