Where is C5-C6 isom used?

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C5-C6 Isomerization

Axens Solutions offers a complete set of isomerization configurations in order to support Refiners to meet ever tighter gasoline pool specifications.

Improving C5/C6 naphtha cut octane numbers up to 92 represents an increasingly applied solution to resolve the evolving gasoline pool equation.The isomerate product is free of sulfur, aromatics and olefins, making it a premium gasoline pool blending component. Strengthening regulation towards benzene content in gasoline result in increased quantities of light naphtha when benzene precursors are removed from reformer feedstocks.

The light naphtha isomerization service can also be combined with benzene saturation through the co-processing of light reformate fractions. A complete range of schemes is available from Axens Solutions: once-through, recycle with deisopentanizer or with deisohexanizer, advanced recycle (IpsorbTM, HexorbTM). In these last options, the isomerization reaction section is coupled with an iso/normal paraffins separation step which enables n-paraffins to be recycled to extinction and octane gain to be maximized.
The question of which process to select will depend on a number of criteria such as feed composition and desired octane number.

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