The “Chemicals” market includes several industries such as general-purpose polystyrene, thermoplastic elastomers (“TPE”), synthetic rubbers, hydrogen peroxide, solvent purification, melamine, etc.

In this market, Axens provides adsorbents for several applications. They are designed to provide maximum benefits such as long bed life, high mechanical strength and high efficiency.

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Purification Series Adsorbents

Polar compounds (oxygenates, nitrogen and sulfur) as well as TBC (Ter-Butyl-Catechol: polymerization inhibitor) are contaminants that have to be removed mainly due to their toxicity, avoiding corrosion issues, freezing concerns (downstream of the cold boxes used for liquefaction), preventing downstream catalysts deactivation and also meeting final products high purity level.


Hydrogen Peroxide Adsorbents

The anthraquinone process is considered to be the major route for production of hydrogen peroxide worldwide. One significant step in the anthraquinone process is the regeneration of the working solution. Activated alumina, used in the hydrogen peroxide process for this regeneration, has two main roles: it is used as a catalyst for de-hydrogenation and de-epoxidation reactions, and used to remove the degradation products obtained from the working solution.


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Axens offers a customized approach, including tailored studies, audits and consulting services, covering technical and operational challenges.


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