Catalytic Reforming

Catalytic reforming accounts for a large share of the world’s gasoline production and is the most important source of aromatics for the petrochemical industry. Reforming is also a major source of refinery hydrogen, the demand for which is growing rapidly as a result of escalating hydrotreatment requirements. Different Catalytic Reformer designs are offered: semi-regenerative (SRR), or continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) catalytic reforming.

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Lyon, France - CEST
6 days

International Congress on Catalysis ICC

The 18th International Congress on Catalysis will be held in Lyon on July 14-19, 2024.
All French academic laboratories related to catalysis, along with the majority of the industrial companies will contribute to this successful event. The strong background of France continues today thanks to a young generation of talented scientists in all fields of catalysis.


Quentin Debuisschert
Chief Executive Officer

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