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Octanizingis Axens Solutions' Continuous catalyst Regeneration (CCR) reforming process designed expressly to make high octane reformate from naphtha. The process is firmly established in the refining industry worldwide, owing its strength to numerous features and strong product support from Axens Solutions. New advances are constantly being introduced that maintain Octanizing ’s top technological position.

Octanizing uses the latest industrially proven technology for regeneration: RegenCTM. Axens Solutions has been involved in catalytic reforming since 1964 when the first semi-regenerative reforming unit was licensed. Continued development then led to the commercialization of the CCR technologies: CCR processes such as Octanizing and aromizing are the "workhorses" for Axens Solutions' refining and petrochemical sectors respectively.

This technology has a long track record of successful performance with over 100 licenses awarded. Axens Solutions has launched new multi-promoted catalysts for CCR Reforming units. The main benefits of these new catalysts are higher selectivity and stability.

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