FCC Naphtha Hydrotreating

Deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of FCC gasoline (the largest sulfur contributor in the gasoline pool) is required to reduce gasoline pool sulfur content.

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Axens Offer

Axens is the first company to have started up units producing FCC gasoline at 10 wppm sulfur which gives us unrivaled industrial expertise, accumulated from years of experience.

The commercially proven Axens Prime-G+® technology is the market leader for this selective hydrodesulfurization of cracked naphtha.

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Berlin - CEST
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ERTC 2022

The ERTC Annual Meeting - GTF's flagship - is the leading and premier event of the year for the global oil refining industry, attracting over 500 professionals from all over the world. The conference continues to lead the way as the industry meeting-place, providing a valuable opportunity to network with industry peers, customers and colleagues as well as learn how best to overcome current challenges.


Jean Sentenac
CEO & Chairman of the Board
Principal Technology Engineer; Conversion & Hydroprocessing, Chemicals Integration Product Line
Clément Salais
Low Carbon Solutions Product Line Manager

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