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The Gasel® Technology Suite is the fruit of a process and catalyst development program started in 1996 by IFP Energies nouvelles, Eni and Axens Solutions.
Axens Solutions has been responsible for the pilot plant design and catalyst preparation and production development. The Sannazzaro Fischer-Tropsch pilot plant (20 bpd) was operated in campaigns between 2001 and 2010, testing, proving and improving the technology and the catalyst.

It comprises:

Gasel® provides high quality final products:

  • 25% pure paraffinic naphtha, an ideal petrochemical feedstock;
  • 25% kerosene, incorporable into the Jet-A1 pool;
  • 50% high cetane (>75), zero-sulfur diesel, with excellent cold flow properties (adjustable in the range -20°C to -40°C).

Alternatively, a larger diesel cut can be produced by mixing the kerosene and diesel products.

Axens Solutions is the only professional technology provider to license a complete syngas to diesel technology chain and to manufacture, supply and guarantee the associated catalysts.

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