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Gasel® - Technology for premium quality, drop-in alternative fuels from biomass, waste, and gas


The Key to clean fuels

Axens Gasel® Technology Suite consists in the conversion of synthesis gas (H2+CO) from various origins - biomass, residues - into ultraclean liquid fuels (XTL). This Fischer-Tropsch (FT) route is commonly accepted as one of the most promising mid-term solutions for the production of alternative fuels and petrochemicals, including Coal-To-Liquids (CTL) and Gas-To-Liquids (GTL) pathways.


The Gasel® offer is analogous to Axens’ offer for complete refineries including integration studies, the license, the basic design package, start-up assistance, technical services and catalyst manufacturing.


The technology

Axens Gasel® Technology consists of two main units: the Fischer-Tropsch unit and the Upgrading unit. A third optional unit shall be added to the overall Gasel® scheme if a final purification step for the syngas is required. In the Final Purification unit, the remaining impurities are removed from the syngas.  

  • The Fischer-Tropsch unit consists generally in either one or several trains, depending on the overall capacity. It converts purified syngas from any hydrocarbon source into long paraffinic chains. The reaction takes places into a slurry-bubble column with a Cobalt-based catalyst. 
  • The Upgrading unit consists of two main upgrading steps: the hydro isomerization and the fractionation sections. This process step combines selective cracking of the long paraffinic chains into middle distillates and naphtha, along with paraffin isomerization of the diesel cut to improve motor fuel characteristics such as cold flow properties. 


A 20 bpd FT demonstration unit for industrial operation validation



The Sannazzaro Fischer-Tropsch pilot plant (20 bpd) was operated between 2001 and 2010, testing, proving and improving the technology and the catalyst.

  • 25,000 hours on stream
  • Catalyst performances
  • Real industrial process scheme and conditions
  • Industrial reactor size


A proven expertise serving a wider biotech portfolio

The Gasel® Suite is the result of a 15-year process and catalyst co-development program supported by Eni, IFPEN and Axens’ extensive experience in hydroprocessing and upgrading.
Axens has been a pioneer since the early 90’s in the field of petrochemicals and alternative fuels. Applied to biomass conversion, Gasel® introduces a main building block of tomorrow’s biorefineries. Enlarging its portfolio, Axens will be the licensor of the whole BioTfueL® process chain which includes Gasel® technology.

The BioTfueL® project, with a budget of €180 million, aims to develop, demonstrate, and market a complete process chain for the production of second generation biodiesel and bio kerosene from numerous types of lignocellulosic biomass (agricultural or forestry residues).

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