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Vegan® - Technology for Premium Quality, Drop-in Biofuels From Renewable Oils & Fats


Vegan® technology is a flexible solution for producing renewable diesel and jet through the hydrotreatment of a wide range of lipids. Vegan® is part of Axens’ biotech portfolio which is constantly evolving to comply with regulations and long-term market trends towards alternative, waste feedstocks and flexibility.


Keyword: Flexibility

› Renewable Oils & Fats

Since the early 90’s, Axens has been a pioneer in the renewable fuels area. This notable know-how, associated with extensive pilot testing and accurate predictive models, ensures Vegan® technology the flexibility to process all vegetable oils and animal fats, including used cooking oil (UCO) and FFA-rich feedstocks such as tall oil.

› Product

Vegan® can be easily tuned to match the required boiling range and cold flow properties of the desired product. Producers can thus balance production from 0 to 100% between Diesel or jet fuel to meet market demand.

› Implementation

Standalone, integrated or revamped units: Vegan® technology fits perfectly both in standalone and integrated refinery environment. Axens’ experience and customized approach help to evaluate the potential of the project.


Efficient Solution for High-Quality Products

Renewable diesel and jet production is a simple two-step process :



Vegan® technology is based on catalysts developed, manufactured and provided by Axens. This catalyst combination ensures:

  • Higher valuable production yield with lower coproduct output and hydrogen consumption
  • High activity to manage the inhibiting effects of CO & CO2 from oxygen removal step
  • Superior stability in operation for extended life span.


Find out more about Vegan®

  • Axens has signed an agreement with PKN ORLEN for Vegan® Technology License and Process Book Supply for the production of renewable diesel and jet fuel, through hydrotreating of vegetable oils in its Płock Refinery in Poland. Read more

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